Download Windows 10 Pro ISO (32-bit & 64-bit) Free

Microsoft has launched Windows 10 Pro with latest professional features for more convenience of the users.

Windows 10 was proved a splash of cool water in summer for the users of Windows 8 who regretted the absence of Start button. It contains a large number of attractive features for the users including the digital pen & touch system, Microsoft Edge, Cortana, better management of battery and many more. So, Windows 10 became very attractive for the users from all over the world due to its unique features. Windows 10 Pro comes with additional features. Let’s have a look at the features of Windows 10 Pro to know in-depth about it.

Better Internet Security

Now, you do not need to install different anti-virus programs to protect your internet browsing. Windows 10 Pro brings better internet security for its users. The built-in security features such as firewall, anti-virus protection, and internet protection provide you securer internet browsing now.

Parental Controls

Now, you can control your children’s activities on the internet in a better way. The effective parental control application provides your children with a clean and protected net browsing free of adult content. You can access their search and web browsing history instantly.


Windows 10 Pro comes with a Mobile Device Management system that is the best alternative to the typical PC management used earlier.

Microsoft Business Store

Another distinguishing feature of Windows 10 Pro is the inclusion of Microsoft Business Store in it. It allows you to get the business apps in your device. The huge platform for business apps is present in the store.

Updated Apps

The apps included in Windows 10 Pro are updated and have all the necessary tools to create presentations and edit images. So, you can readily create a presentation by using these updated tools.

Powerful Search

Now, it becomes easier for you to search a document, image, video or any file in your PC or online. The updated and powerful Cortana fetches the accurate results according to the letters you type in the Search bar.

MS Office

MS Office allows you to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations quickly. The updated tools help you greatly to create effective documents and presentations in no time.


You can access your mobile phone instantly by using the Mobile app in Windows 10 Pro. It allows you to text and access gallery and other features of your Android phone from Windows PC.

Voice Command

Now, you can operate Windows 10 Pro with a voice command. An updated voice command feature allows you to control your reminders, listen to the music, calendar, and management of emails, etc.

Touch and Digital Pen

Another distinguishing feature of Windows 10 Pro is the touch and digital pen. It allows you to take notes, create different documents and even draw something by using the touch function. You do not need to use a mouse or keyboard.

Fast Startup

The fast and quick startup of Windows 10 Pro makes your Windows operation more convenient. The quick startup, shutdown, restart and hibernate saves your time makes the Windows user experience smoother.

Download 32-bit

Download 64-bit

How to Install Windows 10 Pro

Go to the above section and click the desired version of Windows 10 ISO.

Once, it is downloaded, create a Bootable USB/DVD of Windows 10 Pro.

Connect the bootable USB to your PC and reboot it.

Once you see Windows Logo, keep pressing F2 and Esc key to enter the BIOS.

Select the option “Boot” from the menu and press the down arrow key to select the USB option from here.

Now, press “Exit Saving Changes” to exit BIOS.

The installation of Windows 10 Pro begins now.

Select the language, keyboard input method and Time & Currency format from the menu appears on the screen.

Now, select “Install Now” to start the installation.

In the next section, you need to insert the product key.

Now, click the box “I Accept the Terms” to move ahead.

In the next section, you need to select the type of installation. Select the “Upgrade, if you do not want to lose your files and data. Select “Custom: Install Windows only” option if you want to install a new Windows.

Now, make partitions of your Hard disk drive and select the drive where you want to install Windows.

That’s it. It will show you the completion of the installation process in percentage. Wait for a while until it sets up the Windows.

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