Download Windows 10 ISO (32-bit & 64-bit) Free

Windows 10 comes with amazing features and stylish outlook of utilities. See here how it is different from previous versions of Windows.

After the release of Windows 8 and its update Windows 8.1, the users were quite familiar with the user interface of the Windows. However, the majority of the users were regretful for the absence of the Home button in Windows 8 and 8.1. So, Microsoft returns the Home button in Windows 10. Windows 10 appeared in the combination of Windows 7 and 8. It released and conquered the hearts of the users. Let’s see how it was different from other versions of Windows.

How to Download & Install Windows 10

Download Windows 10 32-bit


Download Windows 10 64-bit


Installation Method

First, you need to run the Microsoft Media Creation tool. Select the option “Create Installation media for another PC” from the screen.

Click “ISO file” and wait for a while until it downloads the Windows 10.

Now you need to create a bootable USB drive.

Connect the USB drive with your PC.

Search the “cmd” application and right-click to select “Run as Administrator” from the menu.

Type here “diskpart” and enter.

Now, type here “list disk” command and press Enter.

Here, you will see the USB and its storage capacity. It will be listed as “disk 1.”

Type another command “sel disk 1” to select the USB to run.

Now type “clean” and press the “Enter” key.

Here, again type a command “create partition primary” to create partitions.

Type the command “list par” and type “sel part 1” to select the new partition for Windows 10 installation.

Type the command “format fs-FAT32 label=”WINDOWSUSB” quick override” and press the “Enter” key.

Once the process gets over, type “assign” and press enter. It will assign the drive a new letter to recognize it.

Now type “Exit” to close the program.

Now restart the system to boot from the USB and press the relevant key. Usually, it is from F1 to F12.

Select “Update and Recovery” to update your Windows. The computer will reboot automatically.

Select the language, Time and Currency format, and Keyboard or input method, etc.

Enter the product key of Windows 10.

On the “License Terms” page, you need to select “I Agree” to move ahead.

Select “Upgrade” if you do not want to lose your files. If you want to create a new copy of Windows, select “Custom” from here.

Select the partition where you want to save the Windows.

Now, the Windows will start the installation process. Wait for a while until it completes.

Salient Features of Windows 10

Your Phone App is an amazing feature you can find in Windows 10. It allows the Android users to see the photos on your phone. You can drag and drop them into your system too. It also allows you to send and receive text messages from your Windows PC rather than from the mobile phone. You can access the data of your phone by using your PC.

Screen capture utility of Windows 10 is all new for the users. If you use the combination of Windows key+Shift+S, you can capture a particular area of the screen. It will be saved to your preferred location. Even, you can set “OneDrive” to save the screenshots as a PNG file. The utility is known as “Snip & Sketch” and it is far better from the Snipping Tool.

Cloud Clipboard comes with another convenience for the users. It allows you to access the previously copied stuff on the clipboard. So, it saves your time and lets you use the previously copied items on the clipboard. You do not need to waste your time to copy again and again.

The redesigned Cortana allows you to search more accurately to find your stuff quickly. You can search word document, settings, apps, photos and even anything from the web.

The redesigned dark File Explorer gives a stylish look. The attractive design of the File Explorer comes with more setting options now.

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