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Xpadder for Xbox 360 Controller

Xpadder Free Download for Windows 10, 7, 8/8.1 (64 bit / 32 bit)

Xpadder is a compact sized application that facilitates you to play the games by using the PC gamepad instead of a keyboard. It supports such games that have no gamepad support or have fewer capabilities of the gamepad. Xpadder has been particularly designed for the Windows platform. You can add gamepad support while playing the emulated, online or DOS games.

Furthermore, it provides support for the multiplayer games where every player can use a separate gamepad. Recently, the tool has been updated, and this update gives you full control over the game by using the shortcut keys.

Xpadder Striking Features

Here are some salient features of the tool to let you know how beneficial it is. It enables you to handle your controller in a way you desire.

  • It enables you to play even the games your controller does not support. So, you can play more and more games by using it.
  • It supports the DOS games in all versions of Windows from Windows XP to Windows 10. Besides, it allows you to play online games using any browser.
  • It works with gamepad, joystick and arcade sticks.
  • For every game, the tool comes with “Rumble” and “Vibrate” features.
  • It also brings some latent effects such as vibration, rumble-force effects, etc. for the gamers. You can customize the layout.
  • It is lightweight software and does not occupy much space in your Hard Disk.
  • The tool gives additional support to multiple players to play on their different gamepads. It supports you for more than 16 controllers at a time.
  • You just require an Xbox 360 Controller and Xpadder tool to set up this straightforward tool. It is not a hard nut to crack to make the tool functioning. It requires your 10 minutes only.
  • The tool includes a guide for every section such as Toolbar Controls, Standard Controls, Basics, Controller Layout, and troubleshooting, etc.
  • The graphics are not very attractive, but the user interface is straightforward with a powerful utility to serve the gamers in the best way.
  • This powerful tool enables you to use 16 controllers at a time.
  • Xpadder also supports the plastic peripherals including guitars, steering wheels, and dance pads, etc.

Available Versions

There are two versions you can download. The paid version requires one-time payment only. Against one-time fee, you will get all future versions of Xpadder without spending a penny. It is available in $9.99.

Some gamers want to get a free version of the application for Windows 10. QDownload claims to give the gamers a free version of Xpadder that is compatible with Windows 10. You can try it out if you prefer a free version.

Download Xpadder Free Download for Windows 10, 7, 8/8.1 (64 bit / 32 bit)

Download Here (Latest Version)

How to Download Xpadder Profiles

Xpadder forum contains a wide range of profiles for the gamers. If you want to get any of them, follow the steps given below.

Select the Profile and copy the information from the forum.

Click the option “Select All” on the top left corner of the profile info and use “Ctrl+C” to copy the content.

Now go to the Xpadder tool. In the Profile menu, select “Ctrl+V” to paste it there. Now, save the profile by using the “Save Profile” option.

How to Use Xpadder

Once you have downloaded it from the given site, attach your controller to the computer. Make sure; it is compatible with your Windows. I am going to test it with an Xbox 360 Controller, but it is compatible with hundreds of other controllers.

Come to the main screen and select the game-pad icon that appears on the top left corner of the Window. Here, you need to choose the option “New” from the menu.

You will see the “Controller Settings” now. In this section, you will see a few options. Select “Images” to get a view of your controller’s button. (You can skip this step but it will make other settings more convenient for you. Once, you have selected the controller that you want to use with Xpadder, go to the Xpadder Game Controller Database to find a suitable image of your controller and download it.

Save the image to a place in your system where it is easily accessible.

The next highlighted tab is “Sticks.” Now, press the stick to test in various directions. Follow the on-screen instructions. Click “Enable” to activate the right analog stick.

In the next category, “DPad,” you need to “Enable” the option DPad and follow the on-screen instructions. Other settings will remain the same.

Next, you will see the “Button” section. Use all button of your controller one followed by the other. It will add all the buttons in the controller layout. Drag and drop every indicator to a particular location given on the on-screen image while you press the button. The users of Xbox 360 need to click the analog sticks too.

Now the Triggers configuration appears. It is to configure the left and right bumpers on the Xbox. Use them for once to register them on the Triggers layout.

Click the option “OK” once you have finished the configuration of the controller.

(If you are going to play a game using the keyboard, you need to configure it in the same way).


  • Q: If I am using a controller other than the Xbox 360, will Xpadder work with it?
  • Ans: Honestly, the tool works the best with the Xbox 360 Controller. But it may work with any other controller if the controller has the same pattern of buttons. If it does not work, it means your controller has a different software driver, and it is interrupting it in establishing the connection.
  • Q: I am using the Xbox Controller, but I am unable to connect the tool with Xbox 360. Why does it happen?
  • Ans: Well, Xpadder is not troubling if you are facing such a situation. It means there is something wrong with the version of Windows you are using. It may need to install recent updates.
  • Q: Does it support multi-player games?
  • Ans: Yes, Xpadder supports multi-player games, and every player can use his controller.
  • Q: If I am playing a game that does not include Vibrate/Rumble feature, will its “Rumbling/Vibration” features still work?
  • Ans: Of course, it is a striking feature of the application. It’s Rumble, and Vibration features work with every game even if it does not come with it.
  • Q: I am using Windows 10 and trying to connect it with my Xbox 360 Controller. It establishes a connection but disconnects after a few seconds. What to do?
  • Ans: It may be due to the interruption of your Antivirus program. Please disable your Antivirus program and try to establish a connection once again.

Google Play Store, 9 infected apps downloaded by eight million users

It is not the first time that it happens and probably will not be the last: a new report from Lukas Stefanko ESET has unveiled the presence of nine malicious applications on the Google Play Store , which would have infected devices (smartphones and Android tablets) of an impressive number of users.

The nine applications in question were all part of the “remote control” category for smart TV: they would then have to function as universal remote controls directly from their android smartphone . Too bad they were simply software with the aim of bombarding users with invasive and adsense advertising, which immediately began to provide profits for their developers. None of them had been reported as such on the Google Play Store .

The malicious applications were installed on as many as eight million devices in all, and all had been developed by Tools4TV, an active android developer since 2015. Always be careful when downloading applications from the Google Play Store, you never know.

ARN provides a weekly wrap of the phishing scams, malware attacks and security breaches impacting organisations across Australia.

This week, phishing emails purporting to be from Office 365 and ANZ were being sent to Australians’ mailboxes.

On 12 September, email filtering company Mailguard picked up a phishing scam impersonating Microsoft Office 365.

The scam message is a simply designed HTML message that told recipients that their email account failed to connect and returned five incoming emails, and then asks recipients to click on a link that takes them to a fake website, acting as a Microsoft Office 365 page.

After the recipient enters its password, the page returns an incorrect password message, forcing the user to re-enter the password. After collecting the users’ credentials they are redirected to an actual Office 365 page.

Samsung Galaxy Fold: first rumors about the software

Yes, because the Samsung Galaxy Fold is anything but a mystical product and mystery, indeed. Samsung has made it known how it has been working for a long time on this project which it considers a milestone for its next development in the sector. Whether it is useful to return or not to be a leader we do not know at the moment, but certainly we can safely say that it could be a good breath of fresh air from several points of view. If it will be the trend and the trend to follow, this we certainly do not know now but only the future will allow us to understand it better also based on market reactions.

After the rumors concerning the development of the version of the product mentioned at the beginning but which spoke of a garment only dedicated to the US market, here today finally appears some detail that concerns us more closely to us Europeans. In fact, according to the latest rumors, we are facing a potential first sighting of the signing of the smartphone destined for the international market. To put it in short, we are in front of the product that should then easily arrive on our shelves too, following the example of the Galaxy Note 9 and all its predecessors. Samsung would then choose, once again, to differentiate the products at least in the abbreviation and related software. Now we need to understand if the firmware will be customized or if we are faced with a possible initial beta test maybe on more prototypes. Our opinion leads more in the first direction with two different smartphones and each of them dedicated to a single market in question.

Speaking of the technical characteristics, although there are details on the software on board, there are no news. The 512 GB of internal space for the user and the saving of files and support for the Dual SIM should be confirmed , nothing more unfortunately. No details on a hypothetical processor or even RAM available even if in the first case we can assume that we can have the double choice made up of the top of the range offered by Qualcomm on one side and the last Exynos on duty on the other. However, not even the rumors that spoke of an Exynos processor, then developed by Samsung itself, specifically for this hypothetical new cell phone of the Galaxy F. line, have been denied.

Finally on the name still no details. Galaxy F many have taken as a reference to the term fold which means in Italian folding. However it is still difficult to understand how and if we are faced with a situation in which it may have been chosen as the final name of the product. Of course from Samsung we can also wait, but we wait to understand better over the next few weeks. Launch date? Unfortunately, 2019 was given as a general year and therefore we can easily go from the next months until the end of the year.