Package org.dsmltools

Class Summary
DSML2LDAP This class exposes functionality to import a DSML file into a directory.
DSMLDiff This class exposes functionality to produce an asymmetric diff of two DSML documents.
DSMLDocumentImpl This class extends DocumentImpl, an implementation of the Document interface, to add DSML-specific functionality, such as directory-style validation.
DSMLDOMDiffer This class implements asymmetric diffing of two DSML Documents, with the results returned as two more DSML Documents.
DSMLFile This class does file IO for DSML documents.
DSMLLDAPConnection This class manages the connection to an LDAP server.
DSMLLdapEntry La classe DSMLLdapEntry
DSMLLDAPReader This class implements functionality to search an LDAP directory and return the results of the search as a DSML document.
DSMLLDAPWriter This class implements functionality to modify an LDAP directory based on the contents of a DSML document.
DSMLValidate This class reads in a DSML file, converts it to a Document, validates it, and then writes it out again.
LDAP2DSML This class exposes functionality to export a DSML file from a directory.

Exception Summary
DSMLRefException This is an exception that can be thrown when, while validating a DSML document, we come across a non-local URI ref.