Class DSMLDiff

  extended by org.dsmltools.DSMLFile
      extended by org.dsmltools.DSMLDiff

public class DSMLDiff
extends DSMLFile

This class exposes functionality to produce an asymmetric diff of two DSML documents.

This program reads in two DSML files, X and Y and produces two more DSML files, D1 and D2, such that:
X - D1 + D2 = Y
The diff is done at the "directory entry" level, i.e. Take X, remove all the entries in D2, add/replace all the entries in D1 and you have Y. Note that this is not symmetric, i.e. it is not the case that:
Y - D2 + D1 = X    Wrong!

D1 will have no schema. D2 will have a schema built up from the two schemas in X and Y.

  The command syntax is as follows. Bold indicates a mandatory option.
DSMLDiff infileA -s subfile -a addfile infileB [options]
Output options: E.g.: DSMLDiff X.dsml Y.dsml -s subtractfile -a addfile

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static void main(java.lang.String[] xiArgs)
          This method drives the DSMLDiff process.
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Constructor Detail


public DSMLDiff()
Method Detail


public static void main(java.lang.String[] xiArgs)
This method drives the DSMLDiff process.

xiArgs - The command-line