DirectX 9 Offline Free Download for Windows 7, 10 and 8

DirectX consists of numerous Application Programming Interfaces shortly known as APIs to manage the multimedia tasks.

DirectX is a combination of various Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to manage the multimedia tasks. Microsoft developed it to manage the tasks particularly related to game programming and video, etc. Generally, the Application Programming Interfaces included in DirectX start with “Direct” such as DirectDraw, DirectPlay, DirectSound, etc. Collectively, all the APIs are called “DirectX.”

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Developer: Microsoft

Supported OS: Windows 7/8/10/XP/Vista/8.1

Salient Features of DirectX 9

Microsoft has released different versions of DirectX, but DirectX 9 is highly demanded due to its attractive features. Let’s move to the DirectX 9 features to know more about it.

Pixel Shader 2.0: DirectX 9 includes a Pixel Shader feature that brings the true pixel shading engine in programming. Before this feature, the procedural shading on a GPU was not possible. So, by using Pixel Shader, we can make procedural shading on a GPU.

High-Precision: In the previous versions of DirectX, you could see the mathematical precision barriers where the limited PC graphics could be approached. Now, DirectX 9 comes with better precision and a broader spectrum of PC Graphics. As a result, the better visual quality comes to your graphics. In DirectX 9, the visual quality has reached to 128-bit floating-point color/pixel.

Vertex Shader 2.0: Another striking feature of DirectX 9 is the Vertex Shader 2.0 in it. It allows you to increase the length and flexibility while working in the vertex programs. So, Vertex Shader 2.0 comes with the enhanced power of the previous version to allow you to work with more convenience.

Multi-Threading: DirectX 9 comes with Multi-Threading support. It enables the developers to power within multi-core CPUs. So, a faster framerate in the games can be noticed due to the Multi-Threading feature.

DirectCompute: Another striking feature of DirectX 9 is the DirectCompute. It enhances the quality of graphics and enables the players to accelerate the video editing while using their Windows 7 PC. The developers using DirectX 9 can accelerate the gaming/non-gaming apps by using the discrete graphics feature in DirectCompute.

DirectX 9 Components

DirectX 9 comes with various components. Following is the list of its APIs.

Direct3D: It is also known as D3D and used for drawing 3D graphics.

DXGI: It enumerates the adapters and monitors. It also manages the swap chains in Direct3D 10 and its above versions.

Direct2D: It is used for 2D Graphics in games. However, it is less useful as compared to Direct3D.

DirectWrite: This API is used for fonts.

DirectCompute: DirectCompute is used for GPU computing.

DirectX Diagnostics (DxDiag): As the name suggests, it diagnoses and generates the reports regarding the components such as audio, video and other drivers.

XACT3: It is used for higher-level audio settings.

XAudio2: XAudio is used for a low-level audio setting.

DirectX Media Objects: it streams the encoders, decoders and media effects in the games.

DirectSound3D: It is also known as DS3D and used for the playback of 3D sounds.

DirectSound: It is a bit different from DirectSound3D. It playbacks the waveform sounds and also records them.

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